__________ Alfons Knogl

coffee table nr. 36-40, plywood, lacquer, standard table legs, 2014-15another quality, carpet, digital video, 2017nothing comes with or without any purpose at all, clay, 2017pair of wheels, plastic, metal, aluminium, 2016sleeve, synthetics, cement, 2016 sechs schalen, marble, cement, 2013untitled, pla, aluminium, 2016 (* implementation of 3d printed wheels in collaboration with fabian hesse) impossible is no thing, cement, synthetics, i pod, headphones untitled line, cement, lava sand, 2014 coffee table nr.24-32, plywood, lacquer, standard table legs, 2014 unlike a liquid, synthetic duffels, cement, 2015donut?, cement, 2015hat, cement, 2015 headband /brake #1, #2, metall, fabric, 2016donut, uv print on mug, 2015hat, uv print on mug, 2015wrapper, cardboard, marble, 2016